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It is rumoured that Pruvit’s Keto//OS to be one of top of these ketone supplements available on the market. However, before you buy his product,let’s delve into a brief Keto OS reviews, since it has also been said to be the possible cure of mental fatigue due to the intake of ketones

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What is Pruvit Keto OS?

Ketoos stands for “Ketone Operating System.” It is an exogenous ketone supplement, meaning that it provides you with ketone bodies that would normally require much time and effort to acquire. What it basically does it trick the body into burning fat instead of burning carbs. It comes in the form of a drink mix and promotes cellular regeneration, longevity, and consistent energy. 

How Pruvit describes Keto/os:

Keto-OS is called ketone operating system”. Has been on the first Therapeutic Ketone Supplements on the market. The blend is by Prüvit and the Keto-OS tech patente is still pending, the most amazing thing is that it has been developed by renown Doctors in the area and experts on ketosis. The Pruvit Company wants to the first one that gets a sub-license to use this patented technology and keto/os has an amazing certificate of efficacy, being pure and consistent”

Pruvit claims that not only will this product get you into a state of ketosis within 59 minutes, but, as a side effect. 

Pruvit claims that they don’t just want you to take their word for it. Rather, they prefer that you try it out and see the results for yourself. You can even purchase ketosis test strips to pruv-it to yourself that you are in it. 


How Pruvit Keto Will make You Feel

A cornucopia of Pruvit Keto OS testimonials have raved about how wonderful they feel, even just after their very first time trying, meaning that the results really are immediate – review of Keto-os Pruvit  say that you enter ketosis within 59 minutes of drinking the powder). 

Many Keto OS side reviews are scattered with delightful reactions, such as “Holy cow!” and “Goodbye brain fog, hello mental clarity!” Pruvit Keto-os reviews remark not only an immediate increase in energy and mental cognition, but a consistent increase in energy and mental cognition throughout the days, weeks, and months that they drink it. It has been said, by many, that they feel these effects every single time they consume the supplement.  

As well, many Keto/OS reviews are by people who have gotten into a deep state of ketosis the natural way, and claim that the feeling they get from this supplement, in just 59 minutes, is the same exact feeling. They report huge, rapid losses in fat, as well as rapid muscle gain and increased endurance.

How it Compliments Keto Diet Plans

Although Keto-OS is most beneficially used alongside a ketogenic diet, many people use it as a complete substitute and don’t bother with the diet at all. Of course, these people will yield less profound results; however, they still yield results.

It is best used alongside a ketogenic diet as a crutch for when you fall out of ketosis; like, say, it if you drink some wine. It can also be used alongside a ketogenic diet when you really are wanting an extra energy/endurance boost. Many Pruvit reviews claim this to be best method of use.

How Does Ketos it Taste?

Here is the catch: it doesn’t taste like kool-aid. This is the most prevalent complaint about Keto-OS — that it doesn’t taste the best. However, the Pruvit Keto-os reviews that come from people who have tried other ketonic supplements say that it has a higher quality taste when compared to others.

Several Ketoos reviews have even been angry about how much people complain about the taste. One Keto OS review says, “I laugh at all of you criticizing the taste as if it is a beverage or something…. Like it should have a floral nose and a fruity bouquet with hints of currant and coriander. Dear lord people, it’s crap that comes out of a mad scientist’s test tube that puts our bodies into Ketosis in less than 1 hour. We’re lucky it doesn’t taste like liquid glass and fermented stomach bile. If you want a beverage or a meal replacement, go back to your protein powder!”

Joe Rogan (UFC commentator, television star, and comedian) says on his world-famous podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, “it’s not the best tasting stuff in the world — it’s not gatorade — but it’s not awful, it’s fine.”


What Are The Ingredients In Pruvit Keto//OS

Another beautiful aspect of Keto OS is that it is made up of relatively few ingredients; this keeps it simple and trustworthy.

  • BHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate, where the exogenous ketone bodies come from)
  • MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglyceride oil)
  • Natural Flavor
  • Malic Acid
  • Stevia
  • Caffeine

Are other side effects exist other than Pruvit Weight Loss Reviews?

A common reviews of Keto OS is that it causes a bit more frequent urination. However, this is well-intended and actually healthy urination — it is a natural process for your body to flush out all of the toxic glycogen stores. Pruvit has combatted any sodium that may be lost with this frequent urination by adding additional sodium into the formula.

Breakdown of Pros and Cons: 

The Bad—

  • The taste isn’t the absolute best

The Good—

  • Proven, with ketosis test strips, to get you into that ketogenic state 
  • Immediate, steady energy boosts
  • Great fat loss results
  • Allows you have “cheat days” in your ketogenic diet (you can still drink wine sometimes)
  • Comes with all the same wonderful benefits of being in natural, nutritional ketosis
    • Increased insulin-free energy
    • Mental clarity
    • Rapid weight loss
    • Suppressed hunger
    • Improved sleep
    • Heightened sense of wellbeing
    • Reduced inflammation in body

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